Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Great California Beer Haul

I mentioned earlier that I had received a shipment from my super duper generous future brother in law in California. Here is the catch. It's such a doozy that it won't even fit in one picture.

Three of these, including the one I reviewed earlier tonight, have been consumed. RIP to the middle bottle, second bottle from the right, and tonight's delicious bottle (far right). None of these poor buggers will be spared, and their demise will be shared will all of you out there. For context, these are all 22oz. bombers. No little 12oz. bottles here.

These babies are fancy and not cheap. They even have their own box, for Pete's sake. My plan is to trade one for something else delicious, share one with someone, and then put the third away for a bit to cellar (if I had a cellar instead of a closet).

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