Sunday, May 29, 2011

A brief break in programming....

Just so no one calls in a missing persons report, I will be taking a two or so week break from posting. Next Saturday I will be marrying my beautiful fiancee and we will be heading off to our honeymoon immediately following. There is going to be a strict "no laptop" rule in place (thank goodness) while we're there, so I won't be checking in. I'll be packing a nice selection of beach reading, though, so I'm sure I'll come back queued up with reviews.

In the meantime, check out the blogs listed down the left side of the page and try to hold down the fort!


  1. ok, the no laptop rule has pros & cons but stocking up on reading material for a honeymoon?

  2. Well, methinks there will be a good bit of time spent on the beach, and I would rather read then sleep in the sand. I've already caved when I found some time and read one of my books for the trip, though. Whoops.