Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beer Review: Coronado Idiot IPA

So, last week my brother in law to be who lives in California sent me a box of "glassware" that is not available here in the Midwest. This beast of an IPA (it is actually a DIPA or Imperial IPA) was included in the box. I'll be reviewing each of the individual bottles I received for those of you who are interested in some beers that can't be found around these parts.

Style: Imperial (double) India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Beer Advocate: A-     
Ratebeer: 98th percentile overall, 84th percentile within style

At 8.5%, this 22oz bottle is a mouthful. It's a "West Coast style" IPA, brewed in Coronado, CA. The bottle states that it is brewed with four types of hops, but doesn't state which. The smell is very grapefruit-y, almost like a Hopslam. The taste is maltier, with a sweetness like the Hopslam too. The smell is better than the flavor but this is still a great member of the Imperial IPA family. Good stuff. On the off chance that you see this on your travels, I'd say it's worth a try, especially for you Bell's fans out there. It doesn't come close to approaching the greatness of Hopslam, but it could perhaps be its adopted little brother.

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