Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Volunteer for Bockfest!

As the weather starts to creep towards 60 this week, many of us are looking forward to February rolling over into March. For me, March has always marked the symbolic end of winter. Even when I was living in Grand Rapids and it would sometimes be dumping snow then, I knew it was winter giving its last effort at making us all miserable.

For Cincinnatians, the beginning of March also marks the occurrence of Bockfest. I'll admit: before moving here, I had never even heard of Bockfest. I saw a poster for it last summer and thought "goats and beer, huh?". Since I'm not quite normal, however, I didn't have the typical response one might have to that thought ("umm, what is wrong with this city?"). My thoughts were more like "count me in". So, after surviving the Winter Beerfest last weekend I figured a few weeks was enough time to get my wits about me and dedicate another weekend to drinking too much good beer. I would jump in feet first and really enjoy my first Bockfest.

What better way to get intimately acquainted with the weekend for the first time than to volunteer at it? I was made aware of the numerous volunteer opportunities at Bockfest by a number of bloggers and Twitter folk. Becuase of this, yours truly will be selling copious amounts of beer on Saturday, March 5 from 4:30-9:00. Come see me; I won't buy you a beer, but I will sell you one if you give me money. After 9:00, I myself will be able to take part in beer drinking and general merriment.

There are still volunteer opportunities for those of you who are interested in contributing. They can be found at:

There are good number of opportunities available to get moving and sign up for the spots!

More information on Bockfest weekend can be found on its website.

Bockfest runs from March 4 - 6 this year.