Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rockin' out at the Mainstay

Headed to Mainstay last night to see a friend's band play. I had never been to there before, but it was actually a pretty decent time. They have a very good, reasonably-priced beer selection. Not just for a concert venue, but for a normal bar. You can also get bombers of your favorite cheap beer if you are so inclined (I'm not). Molly Wellmann was working the bar last night, which was a pleasant surprise. There was a bit of strangeness in the crowd, though, because there was a bike convention going on. Not rowdy, however, which was pretty surprising.

 Mad Anthony opened for Banderas, both of which put on a great show. I've seen both a handful of times. They always seem to bring the volume and energy. Forgive me for the pictures; phone cameras work like garbage in dark bars.