Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Adventures in Brewing: Pt. I (Listermann's)

So, last weekend I finally got off my behind and went to buy brewing supplies for my first batch. I had been wanting to try brewing for a while, but it just never seemed like the right time. I decided enough was enough and headed over to Listermann Brewing Co.

Listermann Brewing Co. is located on Dana Avenue near a bunch of Xavier buildings. They do a brisk business online and while you would never guess from the storefront, they have a full-service retail storefront, as well. Also, those of you lucky enough to have attended the Cincy Winter Beerfest know that they also bottle and sell their own beer. They are located about three miles from me, which will be great in the future.

When you walk in the building, it is not immediately obvious where you are supposed to go. When I headed in, I was greeted with this:


Luckily I was warned about this from someone before I visited, so I headed up some stairs and, voila, into the store. Listermann has pretty much everything you could ever needs for brewing your own beer. It looked like they also carry wine making stuff, but that's not why I was there, so I didn't pay it a great deal of attention. The smell of the place is definitely unique. With all of the bulk grains they carry, it almost smells like a farm (in a good way).

Beer Kits




As you can see, they had A TON of bulk malts and specialty grains. They also had an industrial grinder that you could use to grind your selections on site. Definitely would save you a lot of hassle at home.

So, what did I go with? I wanted a "big" beer, but didn't really want an imperial IPA or stout. I wanted to try something a bit more unique with my first brew. Well, I had a ton of choices, but I picked a big 'ol hoppy American barleywine. I figured this would be a good first choice because it will force me to learn a bit of patience. It has to be dry hopped and aged for a little bit of time to take the edge off and taste "right".

I also got the best equipment kit they carried, which includes everything I need to brew, except a large brewing pot (on the way via Amazon).

Here was my final haul (equipment kit and beer kit):

The guys at Listermann could not have been any more helpful. I had done research before coming in, so I knew what I needed, but they were happy enough to help me fill in any of the gaps I had. They also gave me a business card with their number on it so that I can call if I have any questions at all. Thanks guys! I also picked up a couple bottles of Cincinnatus, their bourbon stout, while I was there. They were getting to the end of their stock until more is bottled, so I figured I should grab a couple.

More information about Listermann can be found on their website:

It looks like this coming up weekend will be when I officially start my first batch, so that should be interesting. I will be sure to take some pictures so everyone can see how this is progressing (fingers crossed)!