Friday, January 7, 2011

Changing things up!

So, as new as this blog is, I've already decided to retrofit the whole thing. This blog was created to be about whatever I felt like posting about on a given day. I probably should have seen it coming, but since books are such a large part of my life, that topic has sort of taken over the content. Seeing the reality of the situation, I've changed the title and url of this blog and it will be more pointedly book-focused going forward. I will still be posting about other, random things, but they will be in the background.

The other large change is that I will be taking on books other than those found in the Modern Library Top 100 novels list. As I noted in the original post covering the list, it leans heavily towards novels written by White, Western males. To help diversify the books I'll be reading and reviewing (and to preserve my sanity), I've added all of the books from Radcliffe's Rival 100 Best Novels, a companion list to the Modern Library one. It contains many of the books I felt were unjustifiably left off the ML list and includes many more women authors. I'm also going to be adding books that I would like to read just for the fun of it to the master list, so if you can think of anything that impressed you, please email it to me or leave a comment here. If it sounds interesting and I haven't read it yet, I'll add it to the list. The master list will be added next to the Modern Library list above, so keep an eye out.

How this will work now: I'm going to create the master list and add each book to a box (or hat, or whatever) and once I finish a novel I will draw another one at random. This will be a departure from the ordered method I used before, but it seems more fun and less of a homework assignment. Like I said, if you have recommendation, please send them! Keep an eye out for the changes and happy reading!