Monday, April 18, 2011

Report: Ebooks sales overtake that of all print versions

Back to the world of ebooks (or EBooks, E-books; whatever the preferred nomenclature is):

This February, US publishers sold more e-books than they did books in any other format, including paperbacks and hardcovers, according to a report from the Association of American Publishers. This marks the first time ever that e-book sales have surpassed those of all other formats.
 The growth of ebooks over the past couple years has been absolutely amazing. According to the same report, ebook sale revenues have risen by more than 200% from just a year earlier. This is a game changer in the publishing industry and frankly it seems that many firms are struggling with the change. The way that "print" media is published, sold, and delivered has changed fundamentally over this brief time period.

It seems from other news that publishing companies are still trying to figure out how the transition from real print to electronic print will be a profitable venture. At the present, skyrocketing sales of ebooks are not making up the difference for decreased sales of print copies. I'm sure it's happening already, but publishers are going to have to take a real serious look at their business models to determine how they are going to remain viable and profitable. Unless the movement of sales towards ebooks is a fad (which seems unlikely to me), the status quo is neither of those over the long run.

The Christian Science Monitor: "E-book sales overtake paperbacks in February"

Association of American Publishers report

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