Friday, March 11, 2011

Lunch Review: Mayberry Foodstuffs

Usually I leave my verdict until the end, but for Mayberry Foodstuffs I will say this: it is a godsend. The tiny store packs a truckload of variety and convenience into a space smaller than most houses' master bedrooms.

(This is what the store's sign looks like through a dirty lens. Whoops.)

Mayberry Foodstuffs, the brainchild of Chef Josh of Mayberry and World Food Bar fame, opened late 2010 to provide downtowners an option for groceries and other goodies. This place is reeeeaaaalllly small, but what little square footage they have, they utilize masterfully. They somehow manage to pack fresh produce, bread goods basked by the staff, cheeses, spices, household items, meats, dry bulk goods, and my most purchased category of items: wine and really good craft beer. This list is not exhaustive by any means.

(Bulk olive oil and vinegar)
Mayberry Foodstuffs is convenient for my not because I live downtown, but because my bus stop from work to home happens to sit about 20 fee from their door. I can't even count the numbe rof times I've missed my bus because I went to grab a bottle of wine from a store that is the opposite direction from work as my bus stop. No longer!


(Dry bulk goods)

A number of the products they sell are locally produced, which is an added bonus. When I was there last, the had just started selling spices from Colonel De, which is housed in Findlay Market. It's always good to see local businesses playing nice with each other.

(More produce, dairy, meat, eggs, etc)

(Meats and cheeses)

(And my favorite part: an ample yet varied selection of good beer)

And that's not all. If you're looking for a meal without all the effort, they also have made to order sandwiches. They offer chicken, ham, and roast beef. I've had the ham before and wasn't in a turkey mood, so I tried one of the roast beef sandwiches today. The sandwich (plus obligatory pickle spear), a Diet Coke, and a decent sized bag of Grippo's set my back about eight bucks. Not shabby at all.

The sandwich was roastbeef on sourdough with a swipe of horseradish and was topped with lettuce, onions, and bleu cheese. Very good stuff. I'm sure I'll be back before long to grab one of the turkey sandwiches.

Mayberry Foodstuffs is undoubtedly one of the best additions to the CBD in a long, long time. Sure, you're probably never going to be able to do 100% of your grocery shopping there, but that's not why they exist. If you live downtown, though, and are short a cup of sugar, I know of a neighbor who would be much obliged to help you out.

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