Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, yeah...

...I'm starting a blog. As someone who isn't a photographer, isn't a great writer, and isn't a celebrity, why would I start a blog? You know: I'm about as clueless as you, my non-existent audience, is. I once had a semi-successful music blog while I was in college, but I sort of grew tired of it and haven't posted anything since. And here I am now. I guess the reason why this endeavor is starting is that my roots are starting to sink in Cincinnati and I'd like a way of chronicling my time here. If other people read it, neat; if not, then at least I have some sort of idea what my life was like in my first year in Cincinnati.

So what is this whole thing going to be about going forward? Me, primarily, and the things I like. The things I like most are books, beer, food, and movies, so this blog will probably get a heavy dose of those topics. This blog is also about my experiences with Cincinnati, so you will more than likely get some posts concerning me cavorting around the city.

I suppose I'll give a quick "about me" and then send this message off into the interwebs:

I grew up and went to undergrad in Michigan, moved to Houston for a job after graduation, moved to Indianapolis for graduate school, and moved to Cincinnati for a job in May 2010. I noted the things I like above, but as for what I loved: I am engaged to be married in June 2011. I enjoy city living and have a great deal of contempt for suburban life, especially when those suburbanites stand in the way of downtown progress (see: streetcar). I am interested in urban policy and work in a fulfilling job where I get to help those less fortunate than myself on daily basis. Unexpectedly, I've fallen for Cincinnati and hope I get to live here for awhile.

I think that should cover it. With that, I'm going to sign off. I hope to provide some entertainment or useful information at least once every so often. I'm sure I'll have little to add to the content that the great blogs on the right have already said, but maybe I'll find my niche. And to you Cincinnati bloggers whose content I voraciously consumed after I moved here: thank you so very much. You've made my transition into Cincinnati much more smooth than I could have ever hoped. Keep up all of your great work.